How to Perform Ghusl

How to Perform Ghusl: Performing Ghusl in Islam is nothing but cleaning yourselves after certain conditions, For example wet dreams, sexual intercourse and After periods in women’s.

Types of Ghusl:

Types of Ghusl are categorized by gender wise,

Ghusl For Male: Ghusl Janabat

  • It is done after each intercourse
  • While having Wet dream.
  •  Basically a man has to perform ghusl after any semen ejaculation (either in sleep or in any time).

Ghusl For Female:

  • Ghusl Istihadad  (This Ghusl to be done after any irregular bleeding.)
  • Ghusl Hayd (This Ghusl to be Performed after every period.)
  • Ghusl Nifas (This Ghusl to be performed by a woman with bleeding after the child birth.)

When Ghusl Need to be done:

In Islam it is compulsory to perform wudu for both men and Women before pray or any actions to please Allah. Following are the conditions while a person should perform Ghusl.

  • Sexual Intercourse.
  • Bleeding in women (Periods)
  • Semen ejaculation in men (Wet dreams)
  • Death ( When A person Dies people should perform Ghusl to him)
  • Conversion to Islam and
  • Touching dead bodies

How To Perform Ghusl:

How to perform Ghusl

One Should Remember that if Ghusl is done wrongly then all the prayers are invalid, So make sure to properly perform Ghusl with Sunnah and Fard acts. Following are the Simple steps for How to perform Ghusl.

The First Step in Performing Ghusl is One Should make an Intention (Niyyah) in Heart.


Wash Both Hands upto wrist start with right.


Wash Private Parts.


If Najaasat present in any spot then it should be washed now.


Perform A Complete Wudu :A complete wudu which doing befor salah (how to perform wudu)


Make sure that the mouth and nostrils are thoroughly rinsed thrice during wudu.


After Performing complete Wudu take water and pour it on head Thrice.


Next Pour water on Right Shoulder thrice,


And also Pour water on Left Shoulder thrice.


Now pour water on entire body and rub body with the help of hands.


Make sure that every spot of your body should be wet and your hairs should be wet with water. If the hair of a woman is plaited, she is excused from loosening her plaited hair, but it is compulsory for her to wet the base of each and every hair.


It is preferable to rub entire body.


To reach water to every spot, and not dry in any place one should remove rings and other ornaments before ghusl.


While Performing Wudu if one washed their feet then no need to wash again if not then they should wash their feet now.

After Ghusl, one recalls that a certain spot of the body is left dry, it is not necessary to repeat the Compete Ghusl, but merely wash the dry portion.

There are Three Fard (Compulsory) acts should be done while performing Ghusl they are,

  • To rinse the mouth in such a manner that water reaches the entire mouth.
  • To rinse the nostrils up to the ending of the fleshy part.
  • To completely wet the whole body.

Hadith’s on Performing Ghusl:

It was narrated that ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) said: When the Messenger of Allaah (blessings and peace of Allaah be upon him) did ghusl for janaabah, he would wash his hands and do wudoo’ as for prayer, then he would wash himself, then he would run his fingers through his hair, then when he thought that it [the water] had reached his skin, he would pour water over it [the head] three times, then he would wash the rest of his body. [Al-Bukhaari (248) and Muslim (316)]